Why Buy a Mendo Mulcher

The Mendo Mulcher has incredible grinding power that you can feel every time you use it. Grinding your material makes for a more beneficial smoke all the way around. By grinding what you smoke the flame can penetrate throughout, whether you roll it, use a pipe, a water pipe, a steam roller, or a vaporizer. If you break the material with your fingers or cut it with scissors you loose some of the material on the scissors or your fingers, and no one wants sticky or stinky fingers!

  • Grinding makes for a more even smoke
  • No sticky fingers or scissors
  • No loss of pollen or material
  • Made in Mendocino County, U.S.A.
  • Made by CNC machine from billet aluminum 6061-T6 bar stock
  • Material is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance

How to Clean your Mendo Mulcher

Method 1:

Put your Mendo Mulcher in the freezer for a few hours then tap it on a counter or other hard surface. This should clean most if not all the residue out of your mulcher's screen. *Also this will allow for no loss of material.

Method 2:

Place your Mendo Mulcher in a bag or container of alcohol for a few hours. Tap out your Mendo Mulcher as above or use a toothbrush to clean the screen or other surfaces. *You can set the residue out to dry in order to retain as much as possible.

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